Another dead cop in your face.

You didn’t have to make it happen. You could have elected Anderson as governor.

No matter how well you can ham up that taunt, where you squint, look puzzled and say, “Who-o-o?” the cop is still dead. 99% voted against Anderson, and as you whine like crybabies about the p-o-o-o-r, defenseless cop, the truth is, you didn’t pull the trigger, but you pulled the lever. You elected candidates who would not repeal the blatantly unjust drug control statutes.

You voted wrong, and a cop got himself killed because of you, second time this week. It happened Monday in Virginia. When will you learn?

It’s not as if there was ever any question whether governments have a right to restrict drugs. Governments never had any such right, period. By definition, unalienable rights preempt the Rule of Law whenever the two things conflict with each other. Liberty is an unalienable right, which no government can justly infringe. Liberty can only be meaningfully defined as the freedom to do whatever does not violate anybody’s rights. Any other definition can be rendered meaningless by governments, with the stroke of a pen.

Orthodox libertarian extremists do not accept any doctrine, instruction, ruling, order, regulation, ordinance, statute, treaty or constitution to the extent that the same is inconsistent with liberty and justice for all. We never did. We never will.

Orthodox libertarian extremists are constantly being lectured that it is somehow our job to educate the voters, but most voters won’t listen. The only way to educate them is to teach them a lesson. How many more dead cops have to be shoved in your face before you finally understand?

Don’t forget justice.

Immediately upon the inevitable, ultimate triumph of Operation U.S.A. Freedom, when everybody doing time for drugs will be set free, there will have to be a search of the records. Every cop that has ever busted anybody for drugs will have to do as much prison time as the innocent drug dealer got, and will have to pay restitution. For each car stolen by a law enforcement goon, the goon will have to do as much prison time as a human could get for stealing a law enforcement vehicle. Every cop that has ever participated in a home invasion in which an innocent human got murdered, will have to get the death penalty.

Now, shut off your stupid switch, and remember that dealing drugs does not make the resident any less innocent. Opening fire in defense of his home does not make him any less innocent. The armored car standard will apply. If some humans try to rob an armored car, the guard is an innocent person and has a right to fight back; and that does not make the guard less innocent, nor does it give the robbers the right to murder the guard. Drug dealers are exactly as innocent as the armored car guard; and cops attacking an innocent drug dealer are exactly as guilty as the bandits robbing an armored car.

Abolitionists ran into a lot of absurd nonsense. Sure, the crazy people do have a right to hold wrong opinions, but holding wrong opinions does not entitle them to keep slaves. You enemies of liberty have a right to your wrong opinion, too, but that does not entitle you to send gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests on a mission to attack innocent drug dealers, who are peacefully minding their own business and proudly serving the local residents of their communities who want those drugs.

Most politicians are tough on drugs, because that is how they win elections. They have no qualms about buying votes with cops’ blood. If you are a cop and you don’t want to get yourself killed just so they can win elections, then be sure to tell them why you turned in your badge. Whether they lose cops through extermination or resignation, it puts pressure on them to stop voting wrong.

Saving lives.

If you enjoy that warm feeling you get from preventing overdoses, don’t forget that you can get a warmer feeling by pouring gasoline all over yourself and lighting a match.

What does it take to make you back off and stop saving lives? If they overdose, they overdose. If they die, they die. It’s their body and their life. Had it not been for nanny-state drug laws, maybe I would have died of an overdose as a teenager and I would not be here, telling you off.

You don’t win by saving their lives if they will spend every waking hour, for the rest of their lives, like a merciless chess player, looking for every opportunity to make you wish you hadn’t. There are people who do need help. Why not go save their lives instead.